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Moonlit Mermaid

Published by - Marta Ramirez in Art · 19/4/2015 13:51:00
“Moonlit Mermaid” – Aug 2013
Size: 14”/36cm x 21”/54cm

I first got the inspiration for this painting a couple of years ago. In one of her classes, the lovely Jane Davenport sent me a pot of one of Stewart Gill’s stunning Pearlise Paints as one of her very generous incentive class prizes. I was so touched!

I’m in love with S.G. Paints, every color in each range is so rich and lush, their texture, shimmer, creaminess, so enticing, that just by holding a jar in my hand awakens all my senses and imagination.

This one was a special color, one of only a few jars of “Moonlit Mermaid”. When Jane told me that she was sending it to me I started to wonder what the color tones would be, as I already had the color “Mermaid”, a rich light turquoise hue.

But when I saw it, I immediately knew why it was called moonlit. Jane had baptised me “Mermaid Marta” in her classes, due to my love for them and their frequent visits to my artworks.

This little jar of paint inspired me even more, a new hue to explore, a dreamy setting beckoning. I was itching to start sketching her, and she was soon born out of my pencil, beautiful, mystical, sensually bathing in the moonlight.

This was a really enjoyable piece to create, all the elements are favorites of mine, the sketching was a delight, each inspired thought at every step of the way was so full of feeling and emotion.

Unfortunately I chose the wrong paper for it. I had used this same paper in other works, but not for full watercolour washes. It never stopped buckling, stretching the paper beforehand never made any difference, and every single layer bubbled up in such a way that I almost abandoned it. Even the last detail, painting the moon, just that small area became a full blown bubble at the touch of a wet brush.

But this piece had been so imbedded in my heart from the start, that I just could not give up on it, so I kept persevering, bit by bit, washes and details with long drying periods in between.

And my mermaid rewarded me, once she was finished she looked so beautiful, serene, in love with the Moon, laying on the rock offering herself to her intoxicating light, a dream come true.

(my apologies for the large size, reducing here only reduces quality, it still won't fit on the page!)


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