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Published by - Marta Ramirez in Art · 14/3/2015 13:26:00
"DEVOTION" – March 2013
Watercolors. Size: 14”/36cm x 21”/54cm

This was my first piece after almost a year of physical and emotional exhaustion when not even creating art was possible, and when I started it, it felt so great to be inspired and painting again.

Unicorns are such beloved mystical beings, they are a favourite of so many people. It could perhaps be because their earthly siblings, the horses, are one of the most rewarding friends that we can have, they are soulful, gentle, loving, loyal and most of all, perhaps the most noble of all the animal kingdom. They are so powerful, but when they give themselves to their human master, they give all their loyalty and love without reservations, and the resulting friendship is unbreakable.

These qualities were what I most wanted to represent in this piece of love and companionship between a majestic unicorn and a cute pixie, embraced in a spirited flight through the stars within the glorious night sky.

When I finished the painting I felt bathed in loving feelings every time I looked at it, but I couldn’t think of a name that did it justice.
My friend Christine Barnes came to the rescue when, at first glance, immediately thought of the best possible name for it, “Devotion”. How perfect!, it not only describes this piece to the core, but also what I have known about horses for so long, that their devotion to us is absolute and forever enduring.


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