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Small group of Soulful Artworks

Published by - Marta Ramirez in Art · 27/9/2013 13:04:00

Guardian Angel – artwork from 2010
  Color Pencils, Watercolors.
   Size A4 – 8”/21cm x 12”/30cm

This is one of my early pieces from 2010 which explores feelings about my Guardian Angel.

We always believe that our Guardian Angel can protect us, at all times, but when our soul is depleted and we feel so low that we cannot pick ourselves up, could our Angel always find the strength to lift us and fly us back to the stars?

Heart Angel – artwork from 2010
  Color Pencils, Watercolors, Stewart Gill Paints.  
   Size A4 – 8”/21cm x 12”/30cm

This little angel with wings born from his heart is dedicated to our last beloved pussycat who sadly left this life.

The heart is broken but there is a bright light of hope within, and the wings symbolize his soul flying up towards heaven.

Fly my Pain Away - 2011
  Color Pencils, Watercolors.    
 Size A4 – 10”/25cm x 13”/33cm

A small “soul” artwork from 2011. When laid off with a back ailment for a while, the thought of butterflies in flight seemed to make the pain lift away.

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