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About Me

Art came into my life over 20 years ago when I was feeling lost, and it helped me find myself and a purpose in life.

It was the centre of my existence for many years, with all my focus and soul devoted entirely to it.

Textile art was my love; my inspiration came from nature, mainly the ocean, and most of my pieces represented it.

A while ago a home move meant the loss of my studio and, with it, my beloved art.

Again I felt emtpy. But several years back something changed in my life. I discovered the world of faeries and everything changed.

I felt as if my Guardian Angel had returned to me to bring me back my soul and my art.

With my textile studio still inaccessible, my direction suddenly changed, and I found a new love in the art of mystical beings.

Today my soul is being enlightened by stars, celestial images, faeries, angels, mermaids, and other inspirational subjects that bring me joy.

I paint in mixed media and find that this medium is as enjoyable and fulfilling as textiles.

Marta Ramirez
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