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ART: Expression … Healing... or Both

Published by - Marta Ramirez in Art · 8/9/2013 14:29:00

ART: Expression? … Healing?... or Both?  

Art has been a part of my life since childhood, and although there were a couple of long breaks in between and the type of art, mediums and themes have changed a lot along the years, one thing has remained constant, the undeniable link between art and soul.

It seems to me that when we create, if our heart is in a good place, then our artistic expression is influenced by subjects and themes that please us, images that we like or identify with and get inspired to represent. And the complete artworks bring a sense of delight and accomplishment to our soul.

On the other hand, in times of despair and heavy heart, then art takes the role of healer.  We find ourselves listening to the needs of our soul, and new inspiration comes to us in the most unexpected ways.

For different reasons and in varied ways, we discover new subjects that inspire us, the ones that we feel compiled to represent, as if it was dictated by our soul, not chosen by our mind, because they are the themes that will help us to heal.

That happened to me a few years ago.  For a long time Textile Art was where my heart lay, and the Ocean what my soul needed me to represent in my creations.


Then, after a forced long break from art, I suddenly became aware of the Mystical World.

When creating art became a necessity in my life again and I had to find a way to go back to it, Faeries seemed to call me to paint them, and gradually they became an essential part of my life.

Every artwork that I create is born in my soul, but each piece seems to come to me from another realm, just passing through me, to come to life, and to help my heart when it is aching.


The last few years have been a struggle for me, both physically and emotionally, and although my art has helped me so much, it’s been a source of inspiration for life, allowed me to represent my feelings of elation sometimes, bewilderment others, it has also been hard to keep finding the strength to create and to keep going.

In the last few months I have regained that strength, I am inspired again to paint, draw, sketch, and slowly starting to allow creativity to fill some of the gaps still so raw and empty in my soul, even if there are some that cannot be filled.

My blog has been so idle for so long, hopefully I can breed life into it again and find someone out there who is interested in reading and following. One thing that I never stopped doing is following my friends and so many other artists’ blogs, and that has really been a great fountain of inspiration.

In my next few blogs I will be describing some of my artworks, their origins, inspiration and meaning, a mixed lot of old and new works.

Thank you for visiting!

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