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Eclipse - Eternal Love

Published by - Marta Ramirez in Art · 13/9/2013 15:25:00

“Eclipse - Eternal Love”, is one of my favourite pieces which I created in 2010.

Inktense Pencils, and watercolors on cold pressed watercolor paper.
Size  – 16”/39cm x 21”/53cm

It represents the purest and most passionate love, the story of the almost impossible love affair between the Sun and The Moon.

When I read this storybook tale a few years ago I felt such a tug in my heart, it was like looking into my soul, and I immediately started sketching to bring it to life in my art.

Original Storybook Tale:

“The Sun & The Moon”
When the Sun and the Moon met for the first time, they fell madly, passionately in love with each other, and from that moment on they begun to live a great love.

It happens that the world did not yet exist and the day that God decided to create it, he gave them both the final touch... their brightness.

It was also decided that the Sun would illuminate the day and the Moon would illuminate the night and, that way, they would be forced to live apart.

A great sadness invaded them when they realised that they would never again meet...

The Moon begun to feel more and more anguish. In spite of the brightness given to her by God, she became very lonely.
The Sun, for his part, had gained the noble title of “Astral King”, but that didn’t make him happy either.

The Moon became extremelly sad with her terrible destiny and cried bitterly... and the Sun, seeing her suffering so much, decided that he could not allow himself to feel depressed any more, because he would need to giver her strenght and help her to accept God’s will.

Even so, his preocupacion was so great that he decided to ask God for a special favour:
- God, please help the Moon, she’s more fragile than me and will not be able to bear the loneliness...

And God, in his inmense kindness... created the Stars to keep the Moon company.

Every time that the Moon is very sad she turns to the Stars, who make everything possible to comfort her, but they can almost never achieve this.

Today they both live like this... apart;  the Sun pretends to be happy and the Moon is not able to hide her sadness.
The Sun burns with passion for the Moon and she lives in the darkness of her yearning.

They say that God’s instruction was that the Moon should always be full and luminous, but she could not manage this... because she’s a woman, and a woman has many phases.

When she’s happy, she can be full, but when she’s unhappy she’s waning and when she’s waning it’s not even possible to see her brightness.

The Sun and the Moon continue with their destiny.

It happens that God decided that no love in this world would be completely impossible, not even the one of the Sun and the Moon. It was then that He created the Eclipse.

Today the Sun and the Moon live waiting for that instant, those rare moments that were given to them and that barely occur.

From now on, when you look at the sky and see that the Sun is covering the Moon, is because he lies over her and they begin to make love. It’s that act of love what is called an Eclipse.

It is important to remember that the brightness of its extasis is so big that it’s recommended not to look at the sky at that moment, your eyes can be blinded for seeing so much love.”

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