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Two Worlds, One Love

Published by - Marta Ramirez in Art · 26/10/2013 12:59:00

   Color Pencils, Watercolors, Stewart Gill Paints.
    Size: A3 – 16”/42cm x 12”/30cm

There’s so much talk about forbidden love, especially for mermaids.

If the love between a mermaid and a man seems impossible, even more should appear to be the love between an angel and a mermaid. Two worlds that seemingly never meet, the sky and the ocean.

But if the moon can send a “Shower of Stars” to a mermaid, why can’t the latter fall in love with an angel and bring both worlds together in a blissful union.

Anything is possible if the heart’s desire and the love are strong enough.

The Close-Ups below show the rich and lush shimmer of the Stewart Gill paints.

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