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Published by - Marta Ramirez in Art · 7/1/2012 21:35:00

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A new year, a new blog. Would it be a cliché to call it “a new beginning”?

Well, in a way it is. I didn’t end the year in a good note, my spirit was depleted, my hopes low, my dreams a bit tired. Among other things, my efforts to launch my new site took a huge toll on me, and for a while I felt as old and spent as the year!

What kept me going was the help and support from my art friends, the most wonderful group of people from different corners of the world who, the lower my strength got, the harder they worked to lift me up.

As the year ended and I felt slowly my strength and hope grow, my beloved friends’ love and encouraging words proved to be what I needed to find a renewed enthusiasm to start afresh with the new year.

And, suddenly, on the 2nd of January, one of those invaluable friends gave me one of the best gifts possible.

Kate Palmer, from started her year with the most generous and loving blog dedicated to other artists, showing us once more, like she always does, that she is amazingly unselfish, helpful and kind-hearted. Kate’s blog is all about helping others, promoting products, helping and advising people, a truly magnanimous place to visit.

But the most rewarding part of all for me was being featured on Kate’s first blog for the year, as one of 2011 ‘10 most inspiring artists’!  Kate had asked for my permission to show one of my artworks, “Shower of Stars”, on her site.  I was very touched and grateful, but I never imagined that she would honour me with such lavish and flattering comments.
I can’t help but include a link here, as my heart is overflowing with joy and gratitude.

The name of this, my first blog for 2012, has a special meaning to me.

LUMINESCENCE.  One of my closest friends who I met through this extraordinary online artworld, Carla Rey, is a great artist and photographer. Her blog is a wonderful place to visit. Carla commented on an idea that she had read for a sort of project/new years resolution, which was about finding a word for the year. What a great idea I thought, but how to find my word?!

Then, all of a sudden, after reading Kate’s fabulous words, I realized that there it was, in front of me, what I most strive to achieve in my art, without knowing that it shows and other people can see it, “light”.

In an instant I had my word!  Thank you Kate!,  for illuminating my mind, just like all my dear friends have been in my life all these past months when I felt so down, a constant light to guide my path, hence, “Luminescence”.

Those friends that I keep referring to are many, too many to mention in one blog, but I would like to do it within the groups where I met them:

•         “Willowing and Friends”, Tamara Laporte’s magical realm, the place where it all started for me, where I met marvellous artists who in time became my friends and without whom today my life would seem so empty.

•         Jane Davenport and her super loving World of Artomology, as adorable as Jane herself!

And of course, the luminescence that I feel this year will bring, would only be a very faint flame without all the blogs that keep us united, all the ‘artists homes’ as I see them, where we are invited every day to enter a world of art, of magic, of discovery, of sharing, where we get inspired and, in turn, meet new artists who one day may become new friends and enrich our lives.

They all deserve a mention, but I would like to end this blog referring to one of them, my dear friend Tammie Lee.

Gorgeous, sweet, caring Tammie, whose blogs are always such an inspiration, is a photographer, a poet and an artist. Her photography is out of this world, especially combined with her emotional and spiritual poetry, and she never ceases to amaze me!

Just before Christmas Tammie posted a photo on her blog that was not only magical, but also full of light, Star Light!... but with a twist.  It fits so well the theme of this post, that I asked for her permission to share it with you here, and sweet Tammie sent me even more magical stars and poetry!

"I woke this morning
to a blue sky
stars made of snow
floating lightly
to the earth below..."
                                   Tammie Lee

I ask you to treat your heart and soul to a fabulous moment in time, to be surprised and mesmerized by the most incredible beauty. In Tammie's blogs, her photography of translucent crystals of ice are a feast for the eyes and they will dazzle you in astonishment, while the rest of her nature photography will transport you to a world of wonder and delight.

2012 started with light and beautiful gifts of love and friendship. I would like to think that I can at least give a tiny bit back, I will certainly try!

I want to give hope a chance, to give my dreams a chance.

Thank you to everyone who has touched my life so deeply and made it better, my best wishes are also with you.