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Peacock's Faery Queen

Published by - Marta Ramirez in Art · 11/6/2015 16:40:00
“Peacock’s Faery Queen” – May 2014
Mixed Media: Color Pencils, Aquamarkers, Distressed Stains.
Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper.
Size: A3 – 11.6”/29.7cm x 16.5”/42cm

For quite a few years we had peacocks at home, on the farm where we lived. They are such majestic and stunning birds, that even with the passing of time, it was hard not to admire their beauty every time we looked at them.

I wanted to create a piece in their honor, and to bring them into my magical faery world.

Hence she was born, my “Peacock’s Faery Queen”, with a beautiful and mystical peahen face and female body.

Being the Queen, she would not be content with leaving the splendour of the peacock feathers just for the males, so she pinched some for her faery wings, and adorned herself with a cascading tail of color to rival the magnificent males!


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