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Mystical Seahorse

Published by - Marta Ramirez in Art · 27/6/2015 19:39:00
“Mystical Seahorse” – July 2014
Mixed Media: Color Pencils, Aquamarkers, Watercolor Crayons.
\t\t\t Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper.
Size Size 10”/26cm x 14”/36cm

Seahorses have always fascinated me, they are one of my favourite ocean inhabitants, and although one of the smallest, to me, one of the most precious.

I read decades ago that they are the “Symbol of Fidelity”, as the couples pare with each other soon after they are born, remaining together for life, and when one dies the other one kills itself.
That to me represents True Love, Loyalty, Unending Devotion.

They are so beautiful, graceful, delicate, vulnerable!
I feel very strongly about preserving their environment and their lives, and I am passionately against the inhumane practice in some countries where they trap and kill them in their thousands for profit and ridiculous beliefs about medicinal benefits!
The main threats for seahorses are:
•\tTraditional Chinese Medicine Trade (TCM)
•\tCurio Trade (Curiosity and Jewellery Market)
•\tAquarium Trade
Please read more about it on this link:

One of my first textile wall quilts was “Seahorses” (you can see it in my Textile Art link.)

This painting was very enjoyable to create, sketching it was so rewarding, trying to capture its gorgeous features.
As I see it as a mystical being, I wanted to turn its back fin into faery wings elongated to form whimsical tendrils.    
And the painting process, allowing it to float in a glow of light, was my way to give this majestic seahorse the magical feeling that it brings to my heart.

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