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Welcome to my website.

I would like to share with you the magic that art brings to my life.

I hope you can feel the love and inspiration in each piece, just as I felt while creating them.

My beginnings were as a textile artist, and you can view my textiles in my gallery, with several pieces still for sale.

My creative path has taken me into a new direction in the last couple of years. My soul stumbled across the Faerie Realm and I was enlightened and transformed. Today my inspiration comes from mystical art.  

You will find links to a blog and a shop in the menu, along with a gallery for viewing my current work.

I value any comments, so please feel free to comment on the blog page.

Enjoy browsing my angels, faeries, mermaids and other artworks born from within my soul.

From my heart,

Marta Ramirez

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